Club News

Oct 2012 - we had three aikido classes in CIT Sports Hall this month - lots of people trying aikido for the first time! Have a look at the gallery below...

Nov 2012 - additional training now available at the dojo's new city centre location on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday evenings + Saturday mornings.

Dec 2012 - we had our last training session in the CIT Sports Hall for Semester 1 on 6th December. CIT Aikido students have also been training at the dojo (77 Douglas Street - city centre). Dojo photographs to follow soon!

Jan 2013 - Aikido training is available at the dojo for CIT students during January.

CIT Aikido joined Facebook! Like CIT Aikido Club on Facebook or go to CIT Aikido community Facebook page

Feb 2013 - Training @ CIT in the Sports Hall starts again 7pm, Thursday 7th February

Mar 2013 Seminar 1st – 3rd March 2013 @ dojo - Instructor: Philippe Gouttard Sensei, 6th Dan Aikikai

Apr 2013 - CIT Aikido Club training moves to dojo, 77 Douglas Street, Cork. 

May 2013 - Seminar 17th - 19th May 2013 @ dojo - Instructor: Greg Olson Sensei, 6th Dan ASU/Aikikai

June 2013 - Summer Aikido training available @ dojo - student rate of €60/month unlimited classes OR €6/class


CIT Aikido training in the Sports Hall (September 2012)

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